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Mortal Races

Various Humanoid/High Intelligence Races of Ryvalia Realm

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Magical Humans

Home Land: Ryvalia (Entire)

Hair Colour: Brown / Blonde / Black / Red

Eye Colour: Blue / Green / Brown / Purple (Rare)

Build: Any

Lifespan: 70-110 years

Lifestyle: Social Communities
Possible Soul Companions: Snakes / Cats / Rats / Ravens / Crows

Witches are the only fully human-typical beings left and they are the most common species found within Ryvalia. They cannot utilise magic without a wand / staff or incantation and they have no inhuman physical features. However, they were numerous to begin with and they are just as tricky with their tools and subtleties as their non-magic ancestors so have thrived in many areas of Ryvalia alongside others.

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Winged Elves

Home Land: Ryvalian Woodlands

Extra Features: Pointed Ears / Skin Shimmer

Wing Types: Fathered / Butterfly / Dragonfly

Main Elements: Ice / Darkness / Light / Water / Plant

Hair & Eyes: Match Element Colour

Build: Slender / Skinny

Lifespan: 70-110 years

Lifestyle: Social Communities
Possible Soul Companions: Songbirds / Squirrels / Rabbits / Deer / Stoats / Mice / Beavers

Fairies were descended from humans who grew to have magic within their blood. They are human in size, unlike the common thought of them being small enough to stand on the palm of your hand. Fairies have natural magic and their customs have led them to believe that this magic only covers five elements: Ice, Water, Earth, Light, Shadow. Most fairies will never have practiced any other magic and therefore will be unable to use it.

The type of fairy they are will depict; their hair colour, eye colour, wing colour and the shimmer that shows over their skin. They will also have a stronger affiliation with the element connected to that type.

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Humanoid Dragon Warriors

Home Land: Xeomont Peaks

Features: Leather Wings / Horns / Scales on Skin / Dragon Tail

Deity: Alesrex

Build: Tall & Muscular / Toned

Lifespan: 140-210 years

Lifestyle: Tribal Groups

These began as non-magic humans before the great war. They were animal protectors and activists and they stood against the use of dragons in magical potions and brews. They fought against those who would hunt dragons with simple human tools and ideals.When the great war occurred, the dragons returned favour and saved those humans who had shown them respect and infused those humans and their descendants with magic of their own.

They are commonly found in small tribes, living on the side of snow/ice covered mountain sides that reach up high into the air where they are safe from the Witches who are most common in the world and who still hold a bit of a grudge. Draconians are fighters through and through, their head of the tribe will be the strongest female with the calmest mind during a fight.


Minute Humans

Home Land: Underground

Hair Colour: Brown / Blonde / Black / Red

Eye Colour: Blue / Green / Brown

Build: Short & stout with round, youthful faces

Lifespan: 70-110 years

Lifestyle: Social Communities

They were originally the refugee children of the great war, running for cover in the forests and hiding in the tunnels created by a legendary giant snake. The tunnels are no more than three foot and therefore, over time the generations were stunted in growth and they became adept to darkness and earth.

Not reaching any height above three foot, these are one of the few non-magical beings with no inhuman features to exist in the world. They are, very simply, small. They can see in the dark and they walk barefoot in order to pick up delicate sensations in their surroundings.

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Those of Animal Souls

Home Land: Ryvalia Mainland

Powers: Form Changing & Elemental Magic

Lifespan: 760-810 years

Animal types: Usine / Feline / Lupine / Vulpine / Serpentine

Vilankuri Shifters are animals who can take human form. It is said they originated as witch familiars who were given consciousness through magic. They have the heart of an animal and the instincts of an animal, have evolved over the centuries to be able to integrate successfully in the ever growing human world.


All Vilankuri have some kind of magic flowing within their veins and their species will determine the kind of magic and the length of time they can use it. They can also all change form at will to either a full body change or a partial body change. The only time they cannot change at will is when their body is too distressed to cope with focusing on the change.


All Vilankuri have the capability to ‘mate’ with another. This involves the binding of their very souls through species specific rituals. This can be done mutually or one sided. Different species of Vilankuri have different rates of mating, some doing so as common practice and others as an extreme rarity.

Kol'ha Seputa

Multi-Tailed Fox Giants

Home Land: Highlands

3 Tails: High Class / 4-6 Tails: Common

Powers: Earthquakes / Lightning

Extra Features: Horns / Tails

Average Build: Muscled / Athletic

Lifespan: 500-1000 years

Lifestyle: Social Communities

Tail numbers signify the concentrated level of the power in the species member. Those with three tails are the ones with most poiwer and they make up the royal family and high ups in society. Unfortunately, this has led to a power hungry culture.

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Darkness Embodied

Home Land: Motubeta

Tail Tips: Heart / Spear / Holly / Trident / Tuft

Eye Colour: Coloured or black sclera. White Pupil.

Build: Any

Lifespan: 600+ years

Lifestyle: Social & Solitary

Initially created by the great God of Light as a way to tie up the darkness of past generations in a species that would be easier to control and tame than the darkness itself. They are created from souls who were killed in a violent manner in a previous life. The darkness and energy surrounding the wrongful end creates the rise of a Kinovai'ta from the dark island of Motubeta. The Kinovai'ta have no recollections of the wrong doings of the life before, however this beginning always means they are not pure of heart, even if they are not inheritantly evil.

Motubeta was raised from the ocean depths to provide an isolated home for the Kinovai’ta, but in recent years they have learned to travel past their borders to the mainland.


Scaled Kin

Home Land: The Great Sea

Scale/Tail Colours: Green / Black / Pink / Blue / Red / Gold

Hair Colours: Matches One of Tail Colours

Build: Athletic

Lifespan: 500+ years

Lifestyle: Social Groups

Skalakin generally keep themselves out of the way of land folk, even though it is possible for them to shift their tails into human legs if they allow themselves to dry out enough. But with the language barrier, the culture difference and the insecurity of being on land, most keep themselves to the water.

Skalakin are able to communicate via a mental connection much like telepathy, except they can only share themselves - they cannot read another’s mind without permission, only receive emotions and thoughts when they are actively pushed to them through the connection. They can use verbal communication, but the water muffles the sound and most prefer to not even bother.

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Magical Tool Experts

Home Land: Domed City of Taiki

Extra Features: None

Average Build: Anything goes

Lifespan: 800-2000 years

Lifestyle: Social Communities


Birds of a Feather

Home Land: Akasa Tierra

Types: Birds of Prey, Song Birds, Nesting Birds

Build: Any

Lifespan: 300+ years

Lifestyle: Large Communities


Mortal Races: Featured Work
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