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Shadows of History

Shadows of History: Text

Book 1: The Outcast


Five millennia ago, a great war waged between fairies, witches and non-magic humans. Every hundred years, the war repeats to the result of thousands of lives lost. Fairy history teaches that the Witches slaughter them to harvest their wings, and that is the cause of the war.

An outcast of her own kind, Lily Rosales is a wingless Fairy living in the treetops of the Fae Woodlands. In order to gain information on the witches' plans for the upcoming battle in the seemingly never-ending war, Lily is sent into the closest witch settlement despite the risk.

What will she discover? Will she survive?

★★★★★ "The Outcast is a sensational fantasy tale that will take its readers on a fast-paced, thrilling, and captivating journey that is guaranteed to keep readers hooked for many hours!" -

★★★★★ "Brilliant so far! Can't wait for the next book!" - Amazon

★★★★★ "A very well written, enthralling story following Lily the fairy without wings on her adventures to save her kingdom. Very different to K T Luca first novel but just as enticing. A must." - Amazon

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Book 2: Embers of the Lost


After being banished from the Fae Greenwood by her own kind, and already wanted by witches in the rest of the land, Lily Rosales finds herself alone in the world with nowhere to go. Her only hope; Xalina the Draconian. With the weight of the truth that she had discovered from Finnigan Byrne on her mind, Lily, along with her soul companions Kiki and Oscar, can do nothing but take step after step through the Densewood in hope of finding Xalina and aid somewhere on the other side.

It is difficult to move with the darkness closing in around you from all sides. Lily will have to stand against more than just her heart break and the nightmares of binds around her wrists and neck. While he haunts her thoughts in every waking moment, Lily knows she cannot let Finnigan Byrne keep her from her goal.

Through trials of fire for the body, mind and soul, Lily keeps moving forward with a few mantras that keep her stubborn enough to survive. ‘I will stop this war.’ and ‘I will save those I love.’. Whatever happens to her is lesser in priority, but even from the flames of pain, the black rose is born.

★★★★☆ "I must say author Luca is a racounteur, the book follows Lily’s journey after being broken and alone to where she ends up in the end. This is a story that truly rises from the ashes and proved to be a wonderful read." -

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