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Celestial / Soul Races

Various Humanoid/High Intelligence Races of Svarangi and Seilmos Realms

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Celestial Powers

Gods of Ryavlian realms all have their charges over one specific aspect of the world. Rarely will one have an active effect on mortal lives and instead are in charge of the balance of the world itself. Gods like to keep their realm pure and so frown upon hybrids being brought in by inter-species couples.


Polemistis Angel

Keeper of Balance

Home Land: Svarangi

Factions: Warrior / Medic / Scout

Wings: White or Gold

Build: Slim / Athletic

Lifespan: Immortal

Lifestyle: Family Groups / Solitary

These are the warrior angels which answer to the ancient world gods. They are charged with watching over the balance of the world and ensuring that nothing sways it too much either way. Generally, what would be known as evil if the one which threatens to overthrow the other end of the spectrum and so these Angels would be the ones who take care of that large sway. 

Their wings are linked directly to their souls and so can be brought in and out of physical existence at will.

Like any set of warriors, the Polemistis are split into factions where their powers work towards certain specialist needs. Their soul resonates with their faction from birth and there is no chance of changing throughout their existence.

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Undocumented Experiments

Features: Ability to Consume Something

Forms: Beast / Monster / Parasite

Build: Any

Lifespan: Immortal / Indestructible

Lifestyle: Solitary

Experiments on souls to create weapons or benefits for the gods to have on their side. Incredibly rare that the soul survives and the result is not always pleasant or useful and so they are caged like deformed beasts. Some can take human form though will have beastly features.

These Undocumented creatures usually have an ability to consume something. - e.g. There is one that consumes other souls, one that consumes negative emotions, and one who consumes the electrical pulses of another body - The consumption leads to increased strength, power, and often, instability if not managed correctly.

Mokai Omamake

Pets of Death

Home Land: Seilmos

Types: Canine / Raven / Deer

Telling Feature: Skull for Face

Works for: Shevat: God of Final Endings

Lifespan: Immortal

Lifestyle: Solitary

Created by the God of Final Endings in this realm, the Mokai spend a lot of time in the mortal realm, however they regularly return to Seilmos with souls they have shepherded or to answer to their master.

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Celestial / Soul Races: Featured Work
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