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Ancient Races

Various Humanoid/High Intelligence Races of Archidai Realm

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Living Blood Drinkers

Home Land: Archidai

Features: Fangs & Gold/Silver Eyes

Magic: Blood Manipulation (Own Blood Only)

Build: Any

Lifespan: 10,000+ years

Lifestyle: High Society


They can survive without drinking blood for a while as they deem the drinking of blood to be a trusting and familial act. They usually drink off their romantic partners, and if they do not have one, they feed off their family members. To drink off a stranger is considered dirty and only to be done so in absolute desperation.


They control the blood within their body and can create weapons from that liquid if they are made to bleed. The most common way a Xaehor will fight is to slice their wrist to create enough blood to forge a weapon instantly. However, hybrids with Xaehor blood can become highly creative in their techniques.

Generally, the longer a Xaehor fights, the more deadly they become. The more blood they lose, the more weapons they have to utilise.



Sexual Demons

Home Land: Archidai

Horns: Any Style

Wings: Feathered / Scaled / Leather / None

Build: Muscled / 'Sexual'

Lifespan: 1000+ years

Lifestyle: Poly-amorous Communities

They get their feed through sex and sexual activities. It is the energy of their partner which they feed off and so they can feed even if they themselves do not get off.

The types of Tanaga are identified by the style of their wings and the frequency in which they absolutely have to feed.

Feathered: Feed every 3-4 weeks.

Leather: Feed every two weeks.

Scaled: Feed every week.

Wingless: Feed every 2-3 day.

A Tanaga may find an 'energy mate' whose energy is perfectly compatible, anyone else they try to feed from will make them feel sick. The energy will no longer mesh with their own and it will create a continuous discomfort in their body that will ache until they soothe it with the correct energy from their mate

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Dragon Elder

Dragon & Human Bonded at Birth

Home Land: Unknown

Bond: Dragon & Enhanced Human

Elements: Ice / Earth / Poison / Lightning

Build: Any

Lifespan: 10,000+ years

Lifestyle: Soul Bond & Mates

Dragon Elders are always birthed as a pair. A humanoid male, and a dragon female. The female may change into a human form, however the male will never shift. They support each other and share a soul for the entirety of their lives. If someone bonds to one of the pair, they will be bonded to both by proxy.

Every Elder Dragon female can breath fire in dragon form, though they will have an affiliation of another element as well which they favour and nurture. Their affiliation is usually shown within the colours of their body, though this doesn't always have to be the case. A Dragon Elder can be distinguished from normal dragons by the fur they will have, at the very least, on their face and ears. Some may have fur on vast areas of their body and some might even have feathered wings. 

The male of the pair will have enhanced senses and strengths, however they will always appear completely human with no magical abilities. They are the physical fighters and the protector of the dragon blood passed on through the female bloodlines.

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