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Legends of Ryvalia

Are they real, or are they mere fable?



(Pronounced: More-Eh-Queh-Core)

Said to be the winged horse which death can be seen riding through scenes of tragic war. 

The true origin of the creature; it was once a normal unicorn before they died out. Back in those ancient days there was a smoke parasite which was ruining humans without any care, so the unicorn stepped in and took the parasite within itself, using pure magic to bind it to the unicorn’s soul and merge them together forevermore. This parasite is what gives the unicorn the black and purple look, the clash of magic causing the damage to the horn, and it also allowed the unicorn to sprout purple smoke wings which carry it from one peaceful location to the next. 

The parasite has been neutralised to a level where it can no longer thrive in another being, but there is still the power to infect for a small length of time – granting the infected with more power. However, it’s just like a virus now, and it will eat away at the host until they perish.

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(Pronounced: Mah-Cell-A-Vir)

The horror that fairies tell their children to keep them inside the boundaries during the night time hours. 
It is said to be a two-legged beast which stomps through the undergrowth of woods and forests looking for lost souls to feed on. No one quite knows what it looks like, but it is said to have a dragon skull over its face to keep the true form from being shown, and rot and moss grow over its skeletal body making it look more like a rotting tree when it stands unmoving. 
It has a specific taste for human descended races: Fairies, witches, gnomes and draconians.

Cantonitrua - done.png


(Pronounced: Can-Ton-It-Rue-A)

A large dog-like creature with yellow fur and forked tail. Straggled fur that pointed out in all directions and carried electrical charges. So long as the creature is not threatened and content, the charges would feel no more than a pleasant tingle. But when in attack or defence mode, the Cantonitrua can emit quick and powerful charges that would render a fatal blow.



(Pronouced: A-Less-Rex)

It is said the Alesrex was the King of the Dragons. It resembled a lion/dragon hybrid. It’s body, tail and legs were scaled and grey in colour. But there was fur at the end of the tail and fur sprouting out around the rounded face in the form of a shaggy mane that was a deep red in colour.
It had four eyes, two facing forward and black in colour, two higher up towards the forehead which swivel independently of one another to survey the land and skies. Its jaw was like that of a tigers, filled with fangs designed to bring down even the largest of prey with a crunching power.

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(Pronounced: Tree-An-Guish)

Three-headed snake of undetermined size – different tells of the legend say different. 

It can split itself into three to wreak havoc and is said to perform judgment on those which have seriously done harm to the natural balance of the world. However, even if it’s one person who has caused that harm, the Treanguis will come down and take out everything in the settlement in which that person lives. 

One head has no eyes and one has no tongue. The only way ever written to kill the creature is to fully detach the whole head from the body.

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(Pronounced: Noc-Toe-See-Us)

Skeletal mantra ray that swims through the night sky. Its bones are the same colour as the sky, keeping it from being spotted easily. All other tissue is invisible, meaning that most would look up and simply see the sky above, seeing stars from between the bones. 
It has a lure that can be positioned anywhere around its skull and is used to fake the moon or stars which is obscured by the skull as this is the only area of the body that is thick enough to block enough of the sky obviously.

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