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Beasts and Creatures of Ryvalia

Designers who have helped my world come to life have been linked with each piece of art.

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(Pronounced: An-Gah-Har-Key)

Habitat: Land near running water.

Small creature, the size of a clementine. It is a creature with two front legs and a long extendable neck that lives its life in a long spiral shell that it grows from its back from the day it is born. The two feet are used to grip onto wet surfaces with their adhesive pads, using their extendable neck to reach prey that settle over or on the surface of water. Its diet consists mainly of insects and small amphibians.

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(Pronounced: A-Vez-Eh-Bill)

Habitat: Sky/Grassland

Invisible, only able to be seen at sunrise and sunset. They are as large as condors and feed off large mammals; they hunt solo but can hold ten times their own weight so carry large meals back to their colony for feeding time. A great number of them are trained by witches to fly carriages between towns and cities in return for easy meals.



(Pronounced: Coo-Stow-Sphin-Ga)

Habitat: Witch settlements (Bred), Mountains (Wild).

Selectively bred sentinels. – Used by witches for guard duty around their most important venues. 

Custosphinga are proud and dutiful. Close to fifteen feet. They are cat like in form, their giant paws flexing against the floor and their regal faces just the same as a domesticated cat. Their fur was grey, but plumage of feathers in different colours sprouted off them in different areas. They all have feathers on their head made it look like they are wearing a headdress. They were bred for their eyes to see the true physical image of a person, they cannot distinguish colour, but they can see the true shape of a person even if there is something hidden to the normal eye. 

Their wild version is often found up on the passages into the mountains, though they are strict on letting anyone pass – only those who are true of heart and mind may pass. The eyes see into the soul in the wild form, rather than seeing the physical image of a being.

Captive bred eye colour: Red with silver pupils in an S shape

Wild eye colour: Purple with silver pupils in an S shape



(Pronounced: E-Dax-Ih-May)

Habitat: Woodland or grassland

They latch themselves onto the back of their prey and hold on while camouflaging themselves perfectly. They render themselves virtually invisible and can keep themselves flattened enough so that even clothes do not sit oddly to give them away. 

They slowly, over a period of a few weeks, drain the soul from the prey and cause it to lose their minds and become unable to function properly. Then the Edaximae leave their prey for dead to find their next meal. They feed by attaching their flat face to the skin with their triangular mouth lined all the way around by hooked teeth that latch into the flesh.



(Pronounced: Foo-Ga-Car-Pra)

Habitat: Woodland Fairy Kingdoms 

Domesticated winged goats that are bred by fairies to provide them with dairy products in the protected kingdom.

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(Pronounced: Cah-Ray)

Habitat: Aquatic

Glass-winged butterflies – wings used in potions. 

They flutter over large lakes and rivers, feeding off surface plants such as algae. Their glass wings and extremely slim bodies make them almost impossible to spot as they appear as shimmers on the water’s surface.



(Pronounced: Per-Dee-Aw-Zee-Lio)

Habitat: Woodlands or Mountains. 

Helpers of the Lost. 

These thin Egyptian cat creatures appear only before those who are lost on a journey of which the destination is true and honourable. They are a clear sign that the lost one should not waver on their journey as they are a good omen. As they walk, they leave behind the glowing pawprints for only those they are helping to see.

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(Pronounced: Pay-ah-do)

Habitat: Man-made - captivity

Used to suck the magic out of a victim until they have nothing left. The magic inside will be stored for up to three weeks until the peyadu is killed to release it or consumes the magic properly.

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(Pronounced: Puh-Pooh-A-Crin)

Habitat: Woodland / Forest

Small round fluffy creatures with moth-like wings. The wings spread out to almost twice the length of the tiny creature. Their tails look like a vine of small leaves while their brown and green fur colouring allows them to camouflage when balled up in the tree branches. When uncurled, however, they have two pointed ears, covered on the inside in orange fur, and bright blue eyes full of curiosity. They have eight little legs that are used as movement aids up and down trees.



(Pronounced: Spi-Oh-Cuss)

Habitat: Airborne but they venture into everything but aquatic locations. 

Small spirit-like creatures that float through walls and cause jokes and pranks. They love to cause mischief and are often responsible for accidents. They can be tamed, but only by someone who will give them plenty of chances to reap havoc throughout their lives. 

Their general characteristics are small bodies with rippling spirit colours surrounding them like fur; long tails that propel them through the air away from the scenes they cause; and their faces covered with masks representing the innocence level of their potential jokes.

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(Pronounced: Teh-Ka-Lee-Mar)

Habitat: Aquatic

Long and thin creatures with twelve tentacles; they are light pink in colour with a feathered head only attached to the tentacles. Their tentacles fall off throughout life, naturally growing back larger ones until they are fully grown to a length of three feet per tentacle. Their tentacles are often collected by witches for use in potions.



(Pronounced: V-Eye-Pah-Ter-Kah)

Living only in the dense woodlands and forests where light from the sun cannot reach the ground, these are apex predators which dominate anything which cannot hide or fly from them quick enough. 
They are solitary creatures and will fight any others of their kind which stray into their territory. The only time they come together is to breed, and even then the interactions are vicious and it is rare for a male to get away without injury from the mated female.

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(Pronounced: Veh-Ri-Ta-See-Tor)

The size and shape of a wolf with a tail that zigzagged and its whole fur was made of colours of deep blue and acid green. Its head resembles more of a goat though its jaw opened further than should have been physically possible, showing sharp teeth in three rows on both jaws. 
It is physically blind, having no eyes to speak of, however it has the ability to sense falsehoods and hidden dangers within a persons intentions.

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Project Tagline

Habitat: Climbing Flowers

Live withing the vines and make harmonised sounds that sound like a choir singing. Breath oxygen and resemble small, slim Betta Fish.

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